Description of the Maxi Box by NDW


Concept of Automous Drinking Water, Refrigeration
and Energy Production

A compact solution for remote sites providing:
- 3000 liters of water per day
- 3 kW / h nominal
- 7,5 m3 of cold storage room

All in a container 15" (L 4.55 x W 2.26 x H 2.20), with double opening:
one side cold storage, the other side filtration and water treatment with storage, batteries and electrical distribution cabinet.

Produced by 12 x 240 WC solar panels mounted on the container and 1,5 kW wind mill.
Current produced by 48-volt gel batteries stored on eight 200 Amp/h unit converted to 240 volts by single inverter.
Electrical cabinet including all the elements of control and safety.

COLD ROOM (2 to 6 °C)
Internal dimensions : 1.90 x 2.10 x 1.85 m. Area : 4.83 m2.
Wall surface : 17.02 m2. Revolving tight door : 0.80 x 1.75 m.
Equipment refrigeration unit : cooling capacity : 1073 watts / h at -10 °. Electric power : 1 kW.
Kit including : motorcycle compressor, condenser tubes, tank.
All on a frame mounted inside the container.
Ceiling-mounted cooling battery with double flow. Fan : Flow 623 m3/h

Raw water feeding pump in river, creek, drilling, etc. ...
For brackish water and seawater: please contact us.
Successive filtrations (manual, sand filter, specific filters with cartridges). Storage of the water produced in a pressurized tank of 310 liters, for dispensing it under pressure (2.4 bar) on fountains or hydraulic distribution manifold. 
Eagent (sodium hypochlorite) injected by automatic hydraulic dosing device.
Treatment with antibacterial UV lamp before distribution.
Stainless steel piping.

From storage batteries possible production on a grid.
Power 3 kW 240 volts mono for LED lighting.