Description of the drinking water unit NDW

Two iso containers, in painted steel, form the basic structure of this unit which is 4.50 m high.
The lower container shelters treatment equipments, the upper tank shelters a flexible tank for storage of the treated water. This system provides a gravitating distribution of the drinking water. It is easy to dismantle totally this structure and it is possible to move it on a truck.
The external equipment (solar panels and wind mill) can be carried within the upper tank. The whole unit has to be installed on a stabilized soil.

Inside the lower container:
• a raw water pump,
• a pre filter manually washable by water return,
• a sand filter in glass reinforced polyester,
• an air compressor to remove materials of the sand filter,
• a volumetric dosing device for sodium hypochlorite (bleach),
• an UV generator,
• a treated water direct outlet with a counter,
• a treated water outlet towards the storage tank,
• an electronic control panel,
• batteries conceived to store the produced energy.

Option :
a bag-filling machine that performs the manual thermo-sealing of plastic bags.

Inside the upper container:
a flexible tank to store treated water, volume 5 m3.

On the top of the upper tank:
• 4 to 6 photovoltaic panels.
• option : a wind mill, power : 1000 W.

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