The Power Box by NDW

power-box-descriptifCompact and autonomous power station

This power unit is compact, independent and usable with easy operation and maintenance.
The use of a renewable and free solar and/or wind energy.
Construction is simple, robust, quiet and suitable for any type of power necessities, Power Box brings a complete answer, ready to use to meet rural electrification needs.
A standard sizing unit, easily transportable, allows its installation in different types of environment.
Fast implementation : connexion and startup need less than one day.

Inside the container are set up:
• an electrical box for power transformation, from 3, 5, 7 et 10 kVA - 230 V 50 HZ with control and protection equipments,
• 2 to 4 sets of solar batteries with a capacity included between 320 and 800 Ah 48 VCC, fitted in a PEHD tank with an aluminum cover.

Outside, on the container have to be set up:
• 4 sets of 2 photovoltaic panels, each of 170 to 235 WC, with protected steel fitting devices and electrical wires.
• a wind mill.

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