The Water Box (“sea water” version) by NDW

The “Mini Potable” proposed by New Drinking Water is also able to treat sea water.


This “Sea Water” version is also designed with autonomous and easy to use purposes (see also main documentation).
Reverse osmosis technology is used to complete the basic unit.
Equipments are located inside only one container.
Treated water flow rate on this unit is 120 l/h approx.

Inside the container are located:
• a raw water pump
• a pre filter manually washable by water return,
• a sand filter in glass reinforced polyester,
• an air compressor to remove materials of the sand filter,
• a reverse osmosis unit designed for sea water,
• a dosing pump for sodium hypochlorite (bleach),
• a treated water storage tank (750 l),
• a treated water pump for distribution and rinsing of the reverse osmosis unit,
• an electrical control panel,
• batteries conceived to store the produced energy.

To fit on the top of the container:
• 4 to 6 photovoltaic panels and, as an option, a wind mill,
• option : a wind mill, power : 1000 W.

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